The Way Church

John 14:6

About Us

"The Way" Church was predestined on December 27, 2015 and organized on February 26, 2017.  Pastor Ernie Williams with Shady Grove Baptist Church extended us an arm to organize "The Way".  I had been an Associate Pastor for 10 years and felt a calling on my life to Pastor.  Brother Eddie Hibdon and I started "The Way" with six members at my house in our game room. Brother Eddie moved a great distance away and no longer attends.  Cheri and I are ever so grateful to have started this journey with Brother Eddie and Sister Gail, and we continue to grow in the Lord, as he has blessed us during our season to pastor "The Way".


Adult Sunday School
9:00 AM

Worship Services
10:00 AM

Bible Study - 7:00 PM